30 Favorite Boy Names

One of the best parts of pregnancy is brainstorming to come up with a name for your child. There are many different options out there, ranging from the classic and traditional to those that are trendy and unusual. With so many fun names to choose from, it's understandable that you may have a difficult time narrowing things down for your little one’s first name – not to mention the fact that you might want to pick a middle name as well. Oh goodness!

Here at Paperclip, we’d love to help you choose. Whether you decide to go with something classic, followed by a trendy middle name, or vice versa, here are some of the top boy names out there.

Classic Boy Names

There's nothing wrong with choosing a classic boy name for your little one. While they may not be the only person with that name in their class at school, that's what nicknames are for.

Remember, there’s a reason why these classic boy names have been around for decades. They’re like that beautiful and timeless trench coat, leather bag, or little black dress - choosing one of these monikers for your boy means that they’ll never go out of style.

1) John

A biblical name with ancient roots (Hebrew and Greek), this name is a pure classic that appears in many different formats, including Jonathan, Jonny, and the simple to spell Jon.

2) David 

Another biblical option (who hasn’t heard the story of David and Goliath, no matter your religion?), this name has been popular for centuries. It stems from the Hebrew words for uncle and beloved.

3) Michael 

Whether you plan to nickname your child Mike, Mikey, or simply call him Michael, keep in mind that this biblical-rooted name is used all over the world for a reason – it’s never going to go out of style.

4) William 

A name descended from royalty (three past English kings) and a Catholic saint (who was a cousin of Charlemagne, for the record), William has its roots in the Germanic languages. Common nicknames include Will, Willie, Bill, and Billy.

5) Elijah 

Elijah (nickname option: Eli) is based on the Hebrew language and means “my God is Yahweh.” Although the name was popular among those of the Jewish faith for many centuries, it’s now popping up all over the place.

6) Theodore

With many nickname options, from Theo to Ted to Teddy, Theodore has been extremely popular for quite some time. Just think of how many well-known Theodores that there are, from Theodore Geisel (also known as Dr. Seuss) to President Teddy Roosevelt.

7) Charles 

The name Charles probably makes you think of Prince Charles, for a reason – he’s one of the most well-known people with that first name. Others include Charles Schultz, creator of the Peanut comic strip.

8) Adam 

One of the oldest names out there (based on the biblical parable of Adam and Eve), the name itself literally means “man” in Hebrew. It doesn’t get any more classic than that!

9) Andrew

Based on the Greek word for Andreas, which means either “masculine” or “manly,” Andrew is a classic name that’s popular throughout the world.

10) Daniel 

Thinking about naming your little one Daniel? You aren’t alone. With nicknaming options that include things like Danny and Dan, the name has been popular from the Middle Ages up through the present.

Trendy Boy Names

If you prefer something a little more unique and on the trendier side of things, then one of these ten name options may suffice. Some of them have roots in the classics, while others are old-fashioned names that are once again beginning to become popular.

A trendy name, as long as other parents around you haven’t honed in on it (imagine a class with ten Eastons in it), helps you express your need to help your child stand out from the crowd.

11) Mason

Sometimes trendy names for boys come from professions, as is the case with Mason. Coming from the Old English word for “stoneworker,” Mason has been extremely popular in recent years.

12) Nolan

The first name Nolan is based on a surname (also known as a last name) that was common in Ireland.

13) Easton

In Old English, Easton means “east town,” also known as a directional navigation. It’s also a last name that is now a first name.

14) Kayden 

Looking for an alternate spelling of a classic name? Look no further than Kayden, a variation on the name Caden.

15) Sawyer

You’ve no doubt heard of Tom Sawyer, the character in Mark Twain’s books. The last-name-turned-first-name comes from Middle English and means “sawer of wood.”

16) Colton 

Another English-based surname, Colton means “Cola’s town.” You often see this name in the southern parts of the United States, where parents have given them the nickname Colt.

17) Greyson 

 Greyson (an alternate spelling of Grayson) comes from Middle English and means “steward.”

18) Jaxson 

When it comes to interesting spellings, look no further than Jaxson, a variant of Jackson. Like many of the others on this list, Jackson is a classic last-name-turned-first-name.

19) Xavier

While Xavier is a classic name that comes from the Basque language, the name has popped up on recent lists of trends.

20) Braydon 

The name sounds a little like Brandon (which could be considered a classic) but with a “y” and no “n.” This name is completely unique and quite trendy of late.

Unusual Boy Names

Speaking of standing out from the crowd, these unusual boy names certainly will help your child do just that (Just like your stylish diaper bag will help you stand out). If you really want something different for your child, and prefer that they stand out from the pack, then an unusual name – some based on politicians, others on vehicles – is exactly what you’ve been looking for. These names are definitely different but in a good way.

21) Maverick 

Based on the nickname of Tom Cruise’s character in Top Gun, what better name to give your potential young daredevil? Whether he grows up to be a fighter pilot or a teacher, his name will make him stand out from the crowd.

22) Weston 

According to Old English, the name Weston means “west town.” Now, it’s a bit more than just a map designation – it’s also a first name.

23) Axel 

Both a car part and a figure skating jump, Axel is actually based on the Danish word for Absalom, another biblical name – one that’s very unique in this day and age.

24) Lincoln 

Abraham Lincoln was president during the Civil War, and though it was his last name, it has now become a cool, unique baby name.

25) Wolf 

If you want your little boy to grow up strong, unique, and fierce, consider the name wolf. Plus, wolves are notorious pack animals and are very attached to their families, so this name is a great omen.

26) Bentley 

Yes, the name Bentley, like that of the car, has popped up in the media of late as celebrities constantly come up with new monikers for their children. You simply can’t go wrong with this unusual first name.

27) Beau 

Coming from the French word for “beautiful,” Beau is not a common name at all. It tends to be an old-fashioned way of referring to one’s boyfriend (their beau), although parents in England, the Netherlands, and the United States have all used it as a first name.

28) King 

If you want your child to grow up to be somebody, why not give them a head start with their name? A king used to be the ruler of a country, although they are now more like figureheads. Either way, people look up to them.

29) Bodhi 

This unusual name has its roots in the Sanskrit language, meaning “awakening” or “enlightenment.” Give your child the gift of wisdom and a unique moniker with this name. 

30) Archer

Today, this name is commonly associated with the cartoon series for adults, also named Archer, but parents in the United States have used the former last name (and Middle Ages profession) for their male children for quite some time.

In Conclusion: Picking the Best Name for Your Son

With so many different names to choose from, you may have a hard time finding the best one to represent your precious little one. Some parents prefer to wait until their child is born before they name him, waiting to see whether he looks like an Adam or a Zayden. 

But no matter what, test out the name combination (first, middle, and last) to see if it’s something that you don’t mind yelling out for the next 18 years as your child grows up, gives you endless love, and of course, gets into a little mischief here and there! And while the growing up is happening, remember that Paperclip is here to help. 



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