We created a bag that’ll change your perception of the diaper bag while keeping your style just the way it is.

Our Bags

The Bear and the Willow diaper bags were designed to be everything a typical diaper bag is not.

The Bear

The Bear
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The Willow

View of the front of The Willow
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“Can't wait for our customer to fall in love with these bags! We’ve found our unicorn!”
“Dudes, my hubby would totally rock this bag!”
Brittnee Proha, @coffee.grace.oils
“An elegant and modern bag…”
Mariana Belém @MariBelem

AJ’s Story

AJ and Willow

When my daughter Willow had an explosion in a restaurant, it was a eureka moment – albeit a smelly, embarrassing, stressful one. It was then that, once I recovered from the stress and trauma, I realised there was nothing out there for parents to deal with the demands of having a kid, but look fashionable doing it. And that’s when the idea of Paperclip came to me.

Explosions aside, it’s a great honour being a father. But it’s even better when you look good doing it.

The Willow
“As a parent, there are incredibly hard days. Artie and I wanted to create something to make those days a little easier”
AJ, Founding Partner, Willow’s Dad

Artie’s Story

Artie and Bear

Two years ago AJ called me, talking a hundred miles an hour about a massive blowout Willow had in Pink Taco and something about hooks, diapers, and bags that transform. I thought he’d been drinking.

Once he calmed down and explained his idea, I thought it was good. But now I'm a father of a 15 month old, I know it’s brilliant!

We understand there will be constant curves balls when traveling with kids. We hope our bag will prepare you for those pitches.

The Bear
“Everything that went into making the bag was inspired by being first-time parents and saying, there's a better way to do this”
Artie, Founding Partner, Bear’s Dad

Key Features

S**t actually happens when you’re a parent. That’s why we made a bag to help you deal with the unpredictable demands of childhood, while still looking like a grown up.
Integrated Changing Station & The Toolbox

The changing station folds out in seconds giving you a safe, sanitary space for you to change your child almost anywhere on the planet.

Our toolbox puts everything you need right there in front of you. No searching, grasping, wishing, wanting with our bag.

If there’s a mess (likely), the changing station tears right away and can go straight into the washing machine for a spin. #win

Which look are you looking for?

Converts from a back pack to messenger bag in the time it takes someone to say, ‘no way that’s a diaper bag’. Our bags are built for your baby without sacrificing your style.

And when it’s to do a little globetrotting with your little bundle of joy, the luggage pass-through lets you slide your bag onto the handle of your carry-on. Travel, boom.

Messenger Bag Configuration
Luggage Slide
Built to last. Built for life.

When we designed our bags, your baby was our number one priority, but we didn’t forget about you. For starters, we added a padded laptop pocket, internal tablet compartment and easy-to-access zipper on the top flap lets you grab a bottle or binkie for crisis situations.

And our bags are built to last long after your child graduates from diapers. So use it for your second, third child and beyond. Or just take out the changing station out and rock an awesome-looking bag around town.

Internal Pockets for Gizmos
Quick Access Zip
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