February 2017 (Los Angeles) – Hollywood actors, best friends and first-time dads AJ Buckley and Artie Baxter are bringing fashion and enhanced functionality to that most ubiquitous parental accessory: the diaper bag. Their new company, Paperclip, launches next month with a pair of bags that not only look cool, but bring a whole new level of convenience to those inevitable baby “pit stops.” What makes the company’s bags unique is the fold-out changing station that lets parents easily change their child anywhere, anytime. In addition, the front panel opens completely to allow easy access to a “toolbox” that puts supplies – diapers, wipes, creams, etc. — right within reach, right when you need them. Paperclip’s first two models, the Willow and the Bear (named after Buckley and Baxter’s children, respectively) have adjustable straps, allowing them to be worn either backpack or messenger-bag style. Both are lined with anti-microbial, liquid-resistant fabric, and the changing station can be easily removed for machine washing. There’s even a laptop compartment.

According to Buckley, necessity was the mother — or in this case, the father — of invention, when it came to conceiving the bags. “On my first solo outing with my daughter Willow I encountered a dilemma that parents of young kids know all too well,” explains the actor, well known to fans of TV series including “CSI:NY” and “Justified.” “She was a big mess, and most bathrooms, especially men's rooms, don’t have a changing table.” As he searched for a clean, private place to get his daughter cleaned up, a light bulb went off in his head, says the actor. He excitedly presented his idea to Baxter, but his friend had no idea what Buckley was talking about — until he had his own son, Bear, a few months later and signed on as a partner.

As the pair researched what was already available in the marketplace, it became painfully clear that diaper bags weren’t winning any awards for style, says Baxter. “Even those supposedly designed for dads are pretty awful. We didn’t see any reason why a diaper bag couldn’t be great looking and functional at the same time.” The Bear and the Willow feature handsome charcoal grey and smoke grey exteriors, respectively, with coffee-brown calf-leather flap and trim.

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