Unique Baby Gifts to Give in 2023

There’s nothing worse than being invited to a baby shower without knowing what to bring. Even if the parents-to-be registered for gifts, sometimes we just want to give a little something extra.

For those who are left wondering what to buy, why not think outside the box a little? We have some unique baby gifts that are sure to please!

Why Choose a Unique Baby Gift? 

If you want your gift to make a lasting impact, then look no further than an extraordinary, unique baby gift. Anyone can buy the parents a box of diapers, stuffed animals, or some rattles. So, why not do something different? These 16 unique baby gift ideas are all practical yet thoughtful. And while they may be on the registry like a diaper bag, they’re definitely something that the parents will appreciate.

Unique Baby Gift Ideas

While there are plenty of unique baby gift ideas out there, these 16 are all pretty clever. Going with one or more of these choices will help your gift stand out at the shower among all of those packs of wipes and boxes of bottles.

So, which of these unique baby gift ideas will you choose?  

1) Babysitting and House Cleaning Coupons 

There are few things that new parents need more than help. They won’t admit it, so you’ll have to volunteer, but those first few weeks are filled with very little sleep, the piling up of chores, and an inability to focus on much of anything, let alone cook a healthy meal.

This is where your unique gift comes into play. Create some coupons and have them professionally printed into a book. They can be for things like “one hot meal,” “one baby holding session” (so mom and dad can shower or nap), and “one thorough house cleaning.” Feel free to get really creative with them.

This sends the message that you’re willing to help, so when those new parents need a hand, they can give you a call and cash in a coupon or two.

2) A Keepsake Library

What’s a keepsake library? This cool gift consists of a box that opens on hinges like a book. On the inside are numerous compartments, all sized to fit specific things, like your little one’s first binky, pair of shoes, locks of hair, and so on. Rather than place them in envelopes inside of shoeboxes or other methods, arrange them in the keepsake library. Since it folds up like a very thick book, it will fit nicely on the shelf, right next to the memory books that the parents plan on keeping on their child.

3) Themed Bath Sets 

Yes, bath sets are a known entity. Many parents register for the standard ones that consist of some plain colored towels and a few bath toys, or even some bathing tools, like a soft brush, baby soap, and a plastic tub. However, there are specialty-themed bath sets that blow those out of the water.

If the parents registered for a bath set, get them a cool one. Pick a giraffe-themed set that comes with rubber toys or one fit for a little astronaut, complete with one-of-a-kind towels. They’ll make a memorable impact every time they’re used.

4) Personalized Wall Signs and Frames 

Few things are as cool as personalized gifts. Thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to get just about anything printed with a child’s name on it. There are name insert books, wooden painted signs, and even picture frames that have the baby’s name on the top or bottom.

Take this one step further and have a diaper bag embroidered with both baby’s name as well as Mom’s. No matter what, these personalized gifts show that you put some thought into the gift.

5) A Water Mat 

There are different types of water mats, each designed for kids of different age levels. The ones for infants have water sandwiched between a blue-colored piece of plastic (the back) and a clear one (the front.) Inside are numerous themed items, like starfish and other sea creatures that float around on the water inside. These will keep a baby occupied for quite some time!

6) Pee Teepees

Being wet is no fun! Did you know that sometimes baby boys pee on the people who are changing their diapers? It supposedly has something to do with the air hitting them when their diapers are removed, but no one is really sure. What does matter is that this unique gift, a small piece of cloth that looks like a teepee, can prevent that from happening. All you need to do is place it over the boy’s nether regions when you’re changing that diaper, and voila – no pee on your clothing. The parents-to-be may have never even heard of it, but they will love you for it!

7) Toy Instruments 

If you really want to leave a memorable impact on some new parents, just buy their baby a few toy instruments. There are different types available for kids of all ages, and they all have one thing in common – they make plenty of noise. There’s nothing quite like a one-baby band.

8) Sensory Balls and Blocks 

Sensory balls and blocks are designed to stimulate a baby’s senses and help them properly develop. These toys have built-in lights, textured surfaces, and more. You’ll be able to find them for every age range, so you don’t necessarily need to buy all newborn ones. 

9) Animated Toys 

Animated toys go beyond the traditional noisy ones that come with blinking lights and loud music. These new ones have screens and other additions that move around when they’re on, holding a baby’s interest and stimulating their senses just as well as those aforementioned sensory balls and blocks. The only difference is that they’re a bit noisier.

10) Soothers 

Sometimes babies get cranky and need to be soothed. These specialty soothing toys play soft music or white noise and are incredibly soft, so they can be snuggled. While mom and dad do need to supervise their baby while they use a soother, these devices do work well, and they make a great gift that’s essential in parents’ diaper bags.

11) Stroller Toys 

Eventually, a baby is going to end up in a stroller going for walks or rides through the mall. Since babies tend to get bored at times and need to be entertained, why not buy a few stroller toys for a shower gift? These toys are designed to attach to the stroller’s handles, ensuring that they don’t get lost mid-walk. The ultimate stroller add-on? The bottle caddy to ensure babies never go hungry! 

12) A White Noise Machine

Sleep is a treasured commodity as a parent. White noise machines are designed to produce quiet sounds that drown out any other noises, helping babies sleep well. By choosing a white noise machine as a gift, you’re helping the parents get some time to themselves while their baby naps. If you’re feeling generous, maybe throw in one for mom and dad too!

13) Unique Teethers

Teethers are one of those gifts that end up on a registry, although mom and dad didn’t think to place unusual ones on there. Check out these creative teethers that will stand out amongst all of the boring, regular ones that they’ll receive. They are sure to get used!

14) “On the Day You Were Born” Print 

You’ve probably seen these prints on the internet. They consist of a shot of the sky, showing the stars from a particular geographic region at a specific time, such as when and where the baby was born. This is something incredibly thoughtful to be hung on a nursery wall.

15) Local Themed Onesies 

If you live in a place that has a particular sports team that’s really popular (or even better, a rivalry with a nearby team), why not buy a locally themed onesie or two as a shower gift? These gifts will stand out whether you go for the team spirit outfit or something else with local flavor.

16) A New Parent’s Survival Kit 

Did you know that they sell survival kits for new parents? These kits come in a reusable fabric bag that zips closed and contains everything that a parent will need for their child, from a binky to wipes and even a bib. They even include a few comical things for mom and dad as well, such as aspirin for that inevitable headache and a sleeping mask. 

New Parents Love Unique Gifts 

No matter which one (or two, or three) of these gift ideas struck your fancy, they are sure to be hit. Simply be creative and customize your gift to fit the parents-to-be, and make a connection that they’re sure to remember. No matter what, when you select a unique baby gift, it means the world to the couple who can’t wait to hold their little bundle of joy and make new, unforgettable memories with their little one!



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