Do You Know How To Change A Diaper?

It's Not As Simple As You Think

Do you know how to change a diaper? If not, you’ve come to the right place. Believe it or not, thousands of people like you are searching for this very term. ‘How to change a diaper” receives 49,500 unique views monthly on Google. So you don’t know how to change a diaper. That’s ok; there’s no need to be embarrassed.

You're Not Alone

Let’s face it, no one is born knowing how to change a diaper. Then again, it’s not rocket science. But, it is something you want to get right. As we all know, accidents happen. The fact that you’re here reading may indicate some urgency around the situation. Let’s get right to it.


How To Change A Diaper: Mentally Prepare

Diapers are messy by nature. Start with the mindset that this time is essential to bonding with your baby, like feeding or bathing. It can be a sweet, peaceful moment or utter chaos. I dare say we’d all rather have more sweet, peaceful moments. Depending on your baby’s age, you may change diapers up to ten times daily. Practice will make perfect pretty quickly.


How To Change A Diaper: Physically Prepare

As with any job, having our tools within reach is imperative. In this case, a diaper bag filled with the essentials or a fully-stocked changing station. Getting halfway through a diaper change and realizing you can’t find wipes would even make LeBron James sweat—a disaster easily avoided with a bit of advance prep. Make sure you have the following on hand: 

• Fresh diapers (always keep extras around)
• Baby wipes
• Diaper ointment
• Changing table or a Paperclip diaper bag


How To Change A Diaper: 5 Simple Steps

  1. Wash your hands and make sure the changing area is clean. Lay your baby down on their back, unstick the stretchy side tape tabs, and remove the old diaper. Set it aside.
  2. Clean your baby’s skin and diaper area with a fresh baby wipe, only wiping from front to back. Don’t forget to clean between the little folds of your baby’s soft skin.
  3. Carefully apply diaper ointment if your baby has a rash. 
  4. Gently lift your baby’s legs by the ankles and slide a clean, new diaper underneath. (Most brands have colorful patterns that denote the diaper’s front.) Release your baby’s legs carefully, then pull the front of the diaper around your belly.
  5. Use the stretchy tape tabs on either side of the diaper wings and fasten them evenly around your baby’s stomach. As a rule of thumb, it’s essential to have about two fingers’ worth of space between the belly and diaper to ensure it isn’t too tight. Check that the cuffs around each thigh are turned out to prevent diaper leaks.

Once finished, remember to wash your hands. Even more critical, remember to dispose of the dirty diaper. 

All's Well That Ends Well

Unless you have a plane to catch, there’s rarely a reason to rush a diaper change. So remind yourself about this lovely bonding time with your baby. Remind yourself that if you are in a calm, content space, your baby will likely be, too. However, I can’t guarantee that, having had my fair share of hysterical diaper changes (mainly me being hysterical, not my baby.) 


It’s always easier to change a diaper when you’re prepared. Keep your diaper bag ready to go, stocked, and restocked with the essentials. Paperclip diaper bags make diaper changes even more straightforward with innovative design elements. And you can rest assured you’re doing right by the environment as each diaper bag is made from recycled plastic bottles. 


Give your baby a kiss and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Congratulations, you know how to successfully change a diaper. Now prepare to do it about 8000 more times. You’ll be a pro before you know it.


Written by Jamie Edwards

Jamie is an avid traveler, travel writer, and photographer. She launched I am Lost and Found, her adventure/luxury travel website after 25 years of living and traveling around the globe. She has lived in both NYC and Tokyo. Today she resides in Washington DC with her husband, two kids, and two black labs. Jamie’s goal is simple: to inspire travel.

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