How to Find the Best Diaper Bag for Twins

They say that twins are double the fun. While that might be the case, the people who make that claim probably never had to carry around a diaper bag that contains all of the supplies needed for two babies at once. There are a number of necessities that you’ll want to have on hand at all times (and some of them do handle double duty, such as diapers, making things a little easier), and those things all need to fit into a handy, portable diaper bag.

In order to choose the best diaper bag for your precious twin babies, it’s important to look for a number of features and keep some things in mind. Still wondering where to begin? Here are some suggestions for choosing the best diaper bag for your little nuggets.

Twins Mean Double the Storage

Your twins might be the same size, making it easier to carry around the essentials, like diapers and wipes. However, if you have one that's slightly smaller than the other (and there's nothing wrong with this, it happens), then you may need two different sizes of diapers and various onesies in a variety of sizes. Plus, you'll have to have twice as many things in your diaper bag, lest you run out of diapers just as baby number two has a blow-out.

All of these additional items can make a diaper bag bulky and heavy. Clearly, you need something portable, yet large enough to hold it all.

Some Items Do Double Duty (Pun Intended)

Thankfully, some of the items that you do need to carry around can work for both babies. Those onesies may fit them both, pacifiers tend to be one-size-fits-all as far as age range is concerned, and things like bottles hold milk for both of your children. This greatly reduces the sheer number of things that you need to carry around.

With that said, you do need to ensure that you have enough for both kids, which can add to your supply load. Do whatever’s possible to narrow things down to just the essentials, so you know what needs to fit into your diaper bag before you go shopping for the best one. This will help you make the best possible decision when it comes to choosing a diaper bag for twins.

Find Bags with Plenty of Pockets

Organization is the key to not losing your mind when you have twins. A bag that includes a large number of pockets will help you keep everything together, so you don’t have to go digging to find things when you need them. Otherwise, you might end up with everything falling to the bottom of your large diaper bag, making it nearly impossible to find what you need while keeping an eye on both of your babies at the same time.

A bag with plenty of pockets – and not just any pockets: useful pockets (there's a difference) – can mean the difference between a disaster in the making and a situation that's completely under control.

Staying Organized 

One of the keys to an organized diaper bag (on top of the aforementioned pockets) is an organizational system. Choosing a bag designed with this type of system in mind can help you keep everything in a certain place, making it easier to grab the items you need frequently and quickly.

Bags with built-in changing pads, specialized pockets for bottles, and even zippered sections lined with quick-dry fabric for wet clothing can be a lifesaver for the parents of twins. Before choosing a diaper bag, examine the interior thoroughly to see if it has the different types of pockets you like and need.

Look for Additional Pouches 

On top of having plenty of pockets, is it possible to get additional pouches for your diaper bag? Some manufacturers and designers have developed a system where they sell a bag that has a number of built-in pouches, as well as a number of extraneous accessories that are sold separately. This allows you to customize your bag even further, which is great when you're the parent of twins and have a lot to cart around with you.

Look for bags that have additional changing pads available separately, since that single one that comes with it may not be enough when you have two dirty diapers to change at the same time. Other extras, like bottle holders and coolers, can keep those like items together, so you don't have bottles in multiple pockets of your diaper bag. Remember that the key to keeping your cool as the parent of twins is to stay organized.

Portability Is Important 

A diaper bag needs to be 100% portable. This seems like common sense, but it needs to be pointed out here. If a diaper bag isn't overly portable, then it will seem as though you're carrying around a suitcase with you every day – and when you're traveling with two babies, that isn't always possible.

In order to make sure that your diaper bag is as portable as possible, consider its weight (including its material), its carrying style, and its overall size. These are the three most important factors that affect the bag's portability, so let's go over them in some depth in order to help you make the most educated decision possible.


Not only do you need to consider the overall weight of your diaper bag when it's empty, but you also need to think of how much it will weigh when it's fully loaded with items for your twins. A diaper bag made of a heavier material, like leather, will look nice and have a sophisticated feel, but will weigh quite a bit more than one that's nylon or another washable, water-proof fabric. Check the weight of the bag both when it's empty and when it's full in order to see if it’s easy to comfortably carry around.

Carrying Style 

Speaking of carrying a diaper bag, you need to choose which of the carrying styles that you prefer. There are three main options that encompass most diaper bag styles. They include backpack, crossbody, and single shoulder strap options. However, some diaper bags are convertible, which means that the straps adjust as needed in order to switch it up and carry it in the manner you prefer. This versatility allows you to completely personalize the bag and make it fit your needs.


Backpack style diaper bags are very easy to carry around because they have straps that fit over both shoulders. This allows your hands to remain free to carry and wrangle your twins. The downside to a backpack-style bag is the fact that it’s difficult to successfully wear one and a baby sling at the same time since there are plenty of straps to keep in place. 


Crossbody bags have a strap that fits over the shoulder and the body crosswise, meaning that the main part of the strap is over your left shoulder while the bag rests under your right arm. These bags allow you to distribute the weight of their contents evenly, preventing back pain. They also allow you to easily grab what you need at a moment’s notice.

Single Strap

Single strap bags have one or two shorter straps that simply go over the shoulder. The bag is held in place by your arm. While these bags have several upsides, they have some downsides as well, such as not being able to hold as much, because the weight will only be on one side of your body.

Overall Size 

The size of your diaper bag is another important thing to consider, especially where portability is concerned. You'll have enough weight to carry around with your double-the-fun twins. You don't need a 30-pound diaper bag that's the size of a small car as well. 

Choose a diaper bag that fits neatly into the trunk or backseat of your car, your hall closet, your child's room, or wherever you plan to store it when it's not alongside you and your infants. While it's tough to state an exact size to look for, since this varies for everyone, just make sure that everything you need fits in the bag, without it seeming to be overly bulky and cumbersome.

In Summary: Finding the Right Diaper Bag 

Choosing the right diaper bag for twins is no easy task. While you might walk into a store and find your ideal one just sitting there on the rack, it's more likely that you'll have to hunt around in order to locate it or phone a friend with kiddos to get their opinion (which is great)!

Don't forget to consider all of the factors here while you're shopping, including looking for a bag that's big enough to hold all of your essentials in an organized manner, while remaining portable at the same time. After all, a diaper bag is a crucial part of your baby care arsenal, and this rings even more true when you’re in charge of all the essentials for a precious set of twins.



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