The Best Diaper Backpack You Could Possibly Have

When it comes to diaper bags, there are plenty of choices on the market for new (and veteran) parents to choose from. One such option, a diaper backpack, has become incredibly popular of late for a number of reasons. And we’re loving it!

From the versatility offered by these bags to the stylish designs and carrying ease, it's obvious why parents would pick one of these over the other, more traditional bags.

Want to learn more about diaper backpacks? You're in the right place!

Why Choose a Diaper Backpack? 

Diaper backpacks are exactly what they sound like. These bags are shaped like the typical backpack that you’d see a school child carrying their books, folders, and homework in, only with a few differences.

A diaper backpack is designed to be an actual diaper bag, meaning that they come with plenty of pockets to hold diapers, wipes, and other supplies. Some even have a removable changing pad that helps when you’re on the go and need to change a diaper.

In addition, these diaper backpacks come in a number of different sizes, and the materials range from colorful and cute nylon patterns to sleeker faux leather models. They might be the same shape as a kid's backpack, but there’s no way that they’ll be mistaken for one.

Diaper backpacks have a number of advantages. Let’s explore them now, shall we?

Keeping Your Hands Free 

Although a traditional diaper bag can keep your hands free, especially if you’ve flung it over your shoulder cross-body style, you still have a bag at your side. This can limit your movement, especially if you have a lot of other things to carry. A diaper backpack is a bit different, as it stays on your back, over both shoulders. It doesn’t stay to one side or the other. This leaves every inch of both of your arms free to move as needed, making it easier to carry other items, including your precious cargo!

Distributes the Weight

How much does your diaper bag weigh? Just guess. Does it weigh more than your child? If so, then you have a lot to cart around, and may be injuring your shoulders, back, and arms, simply by carrying the bag. With a diaper backpack, the weight is more distributed, especially when you have the straps over your shoulders. Shoulder injuries are no joke; get a backpack and your back will thank you!

Stylish and Timeless 

Just like more traditional diaper bags, a backpack style model is stylish and timeless. You won’t have to worry about looking like you’re out of touch with the current styles. Instead, you’ll be that chic person who has a cool diaper backpack. Plus, diaper bags are truly the unisex option; both men and women look the epitome of style with a sleek, dark diaper backpack

When You Have More Than One Child 

Need yet another reason for carrying a diaper backpack? If you have more than one child, a diaper backpack is where it’s at! Having a toddler and an infant means that you’ll need more supplies, plus you’ll have to have your arms free to wrangle both of your little ones. 

You won’t have to worry about needing to drop the bag in order to catch that wayward toddler. Instead, everything will be well contained. Clearly, a diaper backpack is quite handy!

What to Look for in a Diaper Backpack 

Now that you know the many reasons why you want to have a diaper backpack, it’s time to go over what to look for when purchasing one. There are numerous different models and options to choose from, making it a little tricky to find the best one for your needs and lifestyle.

But not to worry – we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the criteria to go through, as well as a few questions to ask yourself in the process.


Size matters! Stop and think – just how much do you want to carry? On top of that, how tall are you? You don’t want to choose a diaper backpack that is so big that it overwhelms you, while at the same time, you don’t want one that’s too small either.

It helps to try it on at the store, checking to see if the size that you prefer fits well on your back, isn’t too big or too small, and will hold everything that you need. Just remember that if you choose one that’s huge, you may be tempted to fill it, leaving you with something that’s too big and heavy to cart around comfortably.


What color is calling your name? This is where you’ll find many different options. From smooth and sleek to blingy and fun! Some diaper backpacks are made of solid colored fabric, like a deep purple or blue. You’ll even find some in various shades of gray or black, both of which will prevent the inevitable stains from showing through.

Then again, there are diaper backpacks that come in cute patterns, such as stars, rainbows, cars, trains, and more. It all comes down to the overall look that you want, so choose accordingly. It’s time to showcase your personal style


How much does the bag weigh when it’s empty? This is something that people tend to forget about when determining the best diaper backpack for their needs. If the bag weighs quite a bit when empty, just think of what you’ll have to deal with when it’s full of baby supplies. You need to carry it around on you, so don’t pick something that’s too much to handle.

Choose a bag that’s fairly lightweight, yet sturdy, and easy to carry around without hurting yourself.


What is the diaper backpack you’re eyeing made of? Many have a nylon exterior that’s designed to hold up to plenty of use and abuse. These bags can handle just about anything. However, if you want something that looks a little higher end, choose one made of a nice faux leather or even standard leather. While the leather options are a little less stain-proof, they do look pretty stylish.

In addition to those options, there are diaper backpacks made of microfiber, which can also hold up well and resist stains. All of these options are valid, leaving you to choose the one that you want.


Pockets are everything when you’re a parent! How many pockets does the bag have? Some have numerous inside pockets, while others have plenty on the outside as well. These pockets serve an important purpose – helping you keep everything neat and organized. However, some people think that the more pockets they have the better, while others prefer pouches.

It all comes down to the way in which you want to organize the interior of the bag, including those pockets, so pick the one that appeals to you the most. Your pocket preference is a big deal!

Interior Access 

How does the bag close? Is it easy to access everything inside of it? Some diaper backpacks have a traditional flap closure that simply lifts up making it easy to grab diapers and other supplies quickly. These bags stay closed thanks to buttons, snaps, or magnetic closures. Others have a zippered closure that is just as simple to use, yet holds things in securely. As another option, some bags have a flap closure, as well as a side zipper, making it even easier yet to reach inside when you have your hands full with a dirty-diapered baby. Trust us, we’ve been there.

Convertible Straps 

Some diaper backpacks come with convertible straps. What does this mean? Well, you have your choice of wearing the bag as a proper backpack, or when you’re able to, wear it as a cross body or single strap over the shoulder type of bag. These diaper backpacks have straps that are removable and fastened in different ways, leaving you to customize them as you wish. Buying one is kind of like purchasing several bags at once, and we’re definitely big fans!

Choosing the Best Backpack for You 

Picking the best diaper backpack doesn’t need to be a difficult endeavor. Instead, you’ll simply need to weigh your options carefully and think about what you both need and want in a diaper bag. Whether you prefer one in a modern style made of faux leather or a cute, colorful model, there are plenty of options just waiting for you. Feel free to explore your options! 

And before you know it, you’ll have found the perfect diaper backpack for all your needs; one that you can carry around happily knowing that it holds everything that you want securely, so you can save your loving arms for holding your precious baby!



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