Baby Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything

Whether your friends have already done the pre-baby shopping spree or you want to buy a baby gift for parents who already had a baby shower, it can be hard to find a baby gift for parents who already seem to have everything.

But the good news is that there are some gifts that parents that make for great options. So, let’s get creative together! Here are our top picks for showering the parents who have everything!

Diapers and Wipes 

Parents will severely underestimate how many diapers and wipes they will use throughout their diapering adventures. If you are truly looking for something to give them that they will use, diapers and wipes will never go unused. Wipes can be used for just about everything from dirty diapers, for removing makeup after a rare date night, to rubbing rings off coffee tables. They are so versatile! Also, most big box stores will trade one size for another if they end up not using the box, so you literally cannot go wrong.

Just be sure to get good diapers for the baby - or you will be adding more work for the parents.

A Great Diaper Bag 

A great diaper bag is the perfect baby gift for parents who have everything. Why? Diaper bags just make life a little bit easier for parents who carry everything with them. Diaper bags can be very different from each other, despite having similar intentions.

You’ll want to gift a diaper bag that is high quality but still functional, something they know will hold all of their stuff but not give them a heart attack if they spill baby food on it (or in it). Get some people together and fill it with the essentials for a complete gift that they’re sure to enjoy!

Anything Cloth...Seriously 

It may seem like the new baby’s parents have everything, but they probably don’t have enough sheets, onesies, towels, blankets, and anything else that is likely to end up in a laundry basket. There is nothing worse than having a messy bed in the middle of the night and nothing to change the baby into. For example, parents often underestimate the number of swaddling blankets they will need.

Anything soft, cotton, and cuddly is a win! Want to do a little extra? Simply embroider the blanket and make it extra special or even make it yourself to really give a gift that comes right from your heart.

A Smaller Version of Their Diaper Bag 

One diaper bag isn’t enough; parents need to have different versions of a diaper bag. Many diaper bags are filled with everything parents need, but they can be cumbersome and too heavy for everyday usage. If a dad wants to run to the grocery store, he doesn’t need to have all of that stuff - just a few extra diapers, some wipes, and snacks will do.

Even so, most parents don’t think about getting a bag that is a smaller version of the one they have. A smaller diaper bag or even a fanny pack diaper bag is a great gift so they don’t need to feel like pack mules everywhere they go!

A Baby Book 

Baby books used to be really popular, but they have fallen out of use. However, we think they should make a comeback! They are great places to record memories and moments that babies will be able to read about later on in life - and when they are done in mom and dad’s handwriting, they are even sweeter and more sentimental.

Luckily, there are plenty of variations out there. If you want to take your gift to the next level, get mom and dad a gift certificate for photo printing, so everything doesn’t live on social media. Sometimes, hard copies are the best!

Funny Books for Those Stressful Nights 

There are sentimental books that are made to make you cry, and then there are some books out there that are made just to make parents laugh. These are the books they will reach for when they are about ready to pass out themselves but have to stay up with the baby.

There are funny books for kids and then there are funny parenting books, so you may want to get a mixture of the two! Just be sure to keep their tastes in mind and consider what they will find funny (and what they won’t)!  

Go for Something Funny Overall 

If you have an inside joke with the parents or you spot something funny, get it! Parents who have it all often want something funny to help get through those moments of parenthood that aren’t glamorized - it will be easier cleaning up a blowout in a funny onesie than one that has lace and a delicate pattern on it.

There are plenty of playful onesies with funny sayings out there or even customized ones that are pretty affordable. After all, every parent needs a good laugh now and then!

A White Noise Machine 

A white noise machine is a great gift because they actually calm the baby and help them sleep throughout the night. There are even portable white noise machines that parents can take with them for long car rides, flights, and vacations. Some are powered with batteries or rechargeable batteries, so parents don’t have to worry about being caught without it. And if they already have one for their precious little one, sometimes parents love a good sound machine for themselves!

Something for The Future

So many gifts are for babies right after they are born or even within the first year, but your gift doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of great gifts to give parents who have everything for their baby right now that they might not have for a toddler. The years fly by really fast and while they might not be able to play with that toy right away, they may enjoy it thoroughly later. So, skip the infant aisle and look for some fun and educational toddler goodies!

A Bottle Carrier 

A bottle carrier is a great gift for parents who have everything because it isn’t something most people think about. These bottle carriers help to keep warm bottles warm and cold bottles cold. Most people think of this as a luxury, but it is actually a great way to ensure baby’s food stays safe.

To make this a complete gift, add in high-quality bottles.

Closet Dividers 

If parents have everything, especially a ton of clothing, it can be really difficult to stay organized. Closet dividers are a simple gift that helps them easily see the clothing that they have. There are premade ones, or simply make them yourself if you want to have something with a more personalized touch.

Most dividers will go from newborn to at least 3 years old.

Shopping Cart Covers 

Sometimes a mama just needs a quick trip to Target, but putting the baby in those carts can feel a bit grimy. Shopping cart covers make those plastic and metal cards a little safer and even more secure for babies. There are plenty of patterns out there and even better, they are machine washable usually, so Mom and Dad don’t have to worry about spills or stains. It’s a perfect gift that most parents completely forget to register for!

IOU Coupons 

The parent who has everything physical may need something a little more sentimental and homemade. Do you have a service you’d like to offer? Are you a great photographer and want to give them a free family shoot? Do you make great freezer meals that they can pull out every so often? How about babysitting services?

There are plenty of printable templates out there to fill out with offers of your own. It’s a personal gift that they’re sure to love!

Gift Cards for Meals 

Don’t really have a skill or service to put on a coupon? That’s okay! Simply get some gift cards for meals because parents have to eat! Parents won’t always want to cook after they’ve had some sleepless nights, so simply help them out with gift cards for their favorite restaurants or delivery services.

Don’t Forgo the Essentials 

While the essentials don’t always make for the most exciting gifts,  parents still need them. Parents always need basics like onesies, bottles, diapers, wipes, lotions, and the little things that make parenthood easier. However, if they do really have everything, don’t be afraid to shift the focus to the parents and what they may need. Parents need to be pampered too!

Simply letting someone know that you are there for them is often enough to make an impact. Parents usually have enough “stuff,” but what they really need is support, love, and friendship. Sometimes, just getting them out of the house for a girls’ or guys’ day is the perfect gift to make them smile!



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