Where to Buy Diaper Bags as An Expecting Parent

A diaper bag is one of those essential items that every expecting parent needs to have, no matter what number child they are on, what their own style is, or how they want to parent. It is simply one of the most important tools you will have in your arsenal. However, not all diaper bags are created equal, and there are a few companies out there that make bags that won’t meet all your needs. And who needs that?

At PaperClip, we work with a few different retailers to get our expertly crafted diaper bags out to the masses, and we sell our diaper bags on our website as well. Each of our retailers offers a unique market for our products, and we think they are the perfect places to shop for diaper bags, no matter what you’re looking for.

For More Utilitarian Options: Buy Buy Baby 

Ever since it began in 1996, Buy Buy Baby has been a top retailing choice for parents. More popular than ever, it has a large number of options that are practical and high-quality. The store has a healthy online presence, and there are some amazing in-store options as well.

Another reason we love Buy Buy Baby for expectant mothers? They offer so many great ways to save money. Don’t forget to sign up for their emails for exclusive coupons and discount codes! You can even open up a Buy Buy Baby credit card for some fantastic deals and rewards. Oh, and did we mention the price match guarantee? We know raising babies is expensive, so anything that saves parents money? Yeah, that we can get behind.

You can find our products on Buy Buy Baby for convenience and great shipping options! If you need a bag quickly, this is undoubtedly one of the best places to go. Looking for a one-stop shop for everything your baby needs? This should be at the top of your list.

It seems like every day Buy Buy Baby has a new retail location opening. They also have same-day delivery shipping options if you’re looking to get the bag quickly. Or you can have the option of store or curbside pick up, which is perfect for parents and parents on the go! 

One of the extra upsides to Buy Buy Baby? Check out their amazing community of moms and dads! Their website’s idea boards are filled with insights, and the descriptions they have of their bags are expertly crafted to give you some great ideas.

For All the Reviews You Can Imagine: Amazon 

If you are a first-time parent, you probably spend more time than you’d like to admit reading product reviews. If you need a place for great views, check out Amazon.  

We love shopping for everything on Amazon because it’s simply most people’s “go-to” for everything, and they leave reviews when things are good or when things are bad. If you are the type of person who loves to do hours and hours of research while shopping, this is an excellent place for you to start.

Even if you eventually start your research on Amazon and ultimately decide to buy your diaper bag with a different retailer, your time spent on Amazon will be well worth it. Seller’s pages even have some great ideas and insights on how to use the bags most efficiently, and you get a bird’s eye view of everything offered by a particular brand.

Amazon is a great place to buy a diaper bag as a gift and supply the expecting parents with goodies to fill that bag up before their precious baby is even here.

For the Fashionista: Nordstrom (And Nordstrom Rack) 

For many parents, the diaper bag becomes an accessory to their daily outfits. This is why we suggest finding bags that are simplistic and classic from the outside: they go with everything you wear. We go to great lengths to ensure that our diaper bags look and feel like luxury bags instead of having that plasticky feel that some other bags have.

Nordstrom is a great place to buy diaper bags because they have a great selection of high-quality, beautiful bags that you can feel comfortable carrying, no matter what you are wearing. They tend to cater to people who want something that is going to stand the test of time and stay pristine, despite spilled milk, numerous trips shoved under a car seat, and even multiple children. These are the bags that look like luggage or a traditional purse more than a diaper bag.

Nordstrom Rack is another great place to shop for diaper bags, especially if you are looking for something high-quality for a price you love. You will often find bags that are sold out in other places, sometimes at really great discounts. If you are a fashionista but are worried about your budget, this is a fantastic place to search for bags.

Of course, your diaper bag doesn’t have to be sleek and designed perfectly if you’d prefer something whimsical- they have plenty of those available too! However, Nordstrom tends to have more of a classic selection that suits a modern family getting ready to add one more to their roster.

For All of Our Products: Our Website 

Of course, we highly suggest checking out our website to get the full range of products that we offer, including our diaper bags, accessories, and more. This is the comprehensive way to shop and ensure that all of your “extras” like a stroller strap or a bottle caddy match and work together interchangeably.

We find that this makes the most sense for those parents who are always on the go and need something they can rely on and trust. Of course, you can mix and match those things from the above retailers and still have great results, but we think that getting everything in one place helps streamline the shopping process.

Of course, with our website, you get the best possible customer service, access to newer colors and styles sooner, and more great information about becoming a parent. You’re in for such a treat when your precious bundle arrives, and we’re excited for you!

Where Shouldn’t You Buy Diaper Bags? 

So now that we’ve covered where you should buy your diaper bag, what about places where you shouldn’t buy your diaper bag? Do they even exist? And the answer is YES! There are a few places we do not recommend buying a diaper bag:

  •   At a yard sale or flea market. While it may seem like a good idea to get a deal, there are plenty of places for bacteria to settle in those bags, and some of them aren’t all that easy to clean. Unless the bag still has its tags or you know that you can safely launder it, try not to get something that has been used.
  •   From a place that doesn’t list materials. Your diaper bag carries diapers, of course, but it will probably also carry clean clothing, toys, bottles, and other things that end up in your little one’s mouth and against their skin. Because of this, it’s best to buy from a retailer that lists materials accurately. Some discount sites or retailers may not list all of the chemicals used to treat the bag, resulting in rashes, irritation, or other medical issues.
  •   Places that aren’t environmentally friendly. If you are having a baby, you need to start thinking about the future, their future. Many diaper bags contain plastic because it is easy to clean and, when treated properly, safe for babies. This isn’t a problem - especially if the bag has recycled plastic in it! However, the problem is when the bag isn’t developed in an environmentally friendly way. You are buying something that is going to pollute the planet and endanger your child’s future. So, do your research before “adding to cart!”

Buy Smart 

Buying a diaper bag is a big purchase, and the type of bag you buy says a lot about you and your new family. When you buy a diaper bag as an expecting parent, you want to do enough research so you feel you’ve made the best choice. 

We always say that this isn’t a decision you have to make quickly. Don’t be an impulse diaper bag buyer! Instead, take your time, figure out what you really want, and go from there. You won’t truly need your diaper bag until your sweet little one comes home from the hospital, so you have some time. So, dive in, do your research, and pick the diaper bag that suits your style…and your lifestyle!



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