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Paperclip Color Changing Foodie Kit
Thermogenic Silicone Dinnerware Set
Appropriate dinnerware is a must for our foster littles and I'm so glad the days of uncertainty surrounding the temperature of your child’s food are long gone! Check out the brand new Thermogenic Silicone Dinnerware from Paperclip!
The first and only of their kind, these dishes and silverware are made with heat-reactive silicone that changes color when the food that touches them is heated up, which provides caregivers peace of mind during feeding time. No more guessing if the food is at a safe temp for the littles to dig into. Your dinnerware lets you know at a glance.
Not to mention, every product from the Paperclip Feeding line comes with a reusable Snack Stash Bag! Snacks are LIFE to most toddlers but often time, kids come into foster care with food insecurities. So having these awesome reusable snack bags prepped and available for the kids to grab whenever they want is awesome.
Check out the Paperclip website to learn more.


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The Willow is a modern take on the essential diaper bag! The built in changing station is a life saver. Fashion and function at its best !!! I love my willow

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